Catalina Architecture + Design

Catalina grew on the foundations laid down by LCRW Architects. This ancestor firm was formed by Rory Wilson and Lionel Curtis in 2003. The practice grew from a desire to create high quality, considered architecture that was accessible to all.

Larry Jeffreys joined the LCRW team in 2007, and following the retirement of Lionel and the subsequent dissolution of the practice, became co-director with Rory Wilson in Catalina Architecture in 2011.

With an Architect and an Architectural Technologist as directors, the joint principles of strong design concept and innovative technological solutions was instilled in the core of the practice.

Rather than choosing to combine their names to form the title of the practice, they chose Catalina. This decision symbolised their desire to move towards a collaborative, democratic office. As far as the relevance of the name Catalina goes, it is the name given to three examples of highly functional yet beautiful design. The concept of stripping away the superfluous to reveal the essence of a form, as well as the union between concept design and technology, is demonstrated with great success. And these examples:

Pontiac Catalina

| Catalina 22 Sail boat |

PBY Catalina Amphibious Aircraft

Since the practice was formed it has undertaken many varied projects, including contemporary dwellings, listed building work, community projects and ecclesiastical reordering. The team and the breadth of our experience continues to grow.

Larry Jeffreys retired in 2018, after over 10 years of invaluable input and influence in the practice, and a new Technical Director, Glyn Williams, steps up to form Catalina Architecture + Design Ltd with Rory Wilson.